Meet our Supplier: Rounton Coffee


We're really excited to have a brand new independent coffee supplier to Weetons who is just as passionate about great tasting coffee as we are. They are a local Yorkshire company based up in East Rounton, Northallerton and we chatted to founder Dave Beattie about his new company Rounton Coffee  and how it all started...

  1. Can you tell us a bit more about Rounton Coffee and how you got started?
    • Rounton Coffee didn't exist 5 years ago.. I was working as Operations and Engineering Manager for BOC in Teesside, and really wanted to travel.  It was a really good job.. but I resigned.. worked my notice.. and then hopped on a train and travelled overland for 12 months taking in Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China.. and then off to Asia, New Zealand, South America.  During the travel I ended up in Sumatra where I saw somebody roasting coffee, which then led me to a coffee farm where I met a bunch of coffee farmers who were desperate to sell their beans to me.  From this point on my travelling was all about the Coffee.  I wanted to buy their coffee, and I wanted to help them, I just didn't know how.  When I got back to the UK I imported a coffee roaster from Turkey.  I wanted to roast only fully traceable and sustainably bought coffees, and wanted to connect with those farms that I visited along the way.  Sat there, with a bag of coffee and a coffee roaster was great.. but with no customers, I really don't know what I was thinking, I was excited, but in reality I was absolutely petrified!! Happy to say now though that after all the hard work, we have some great customers and we truly believe that we offer a fantastic product with a fantastic service, and we have not and nor will we ever forget about those that grow our coffees.  We continue to pay sustainable prices for all of our coffees, and we continue to visit those farms to see the direct impact that our policies have had on their infrastructure and communities. 
  2. What makes Rounton Coffee so delicious?
    • The coffee that we roast is all speciality graded, it is high quality single origin/farms and they tend to be grown at higher altitudes.  Care has been taken by the farmer to grow the coffee, and in turn we make a lot of effort to also treat the coffee with care.  We roast in small batches to a level where we maximise the natural sweetness of that origin, and we develop those flavours to give the coffee great body and balance.  We are an artisan coffee company, but we have great technology behind us to ensure that we can consistently hit that sweet spot each and every time.
  3. What is your favourite way to drink it? Milk/no milk; Dairy/dairy free; froth or no froth?
    • There really is nothing like a Filter Coffee, made using a bulk brewer.  A real opportunity to taste and to enjoy those nuances of flavour. 
  4. Have you ever used your coffee to cook with? If so how?
    • We often put it in cakes.  Coffee is such an interesting ingredient and you can get really creative with it.  We supply a lady in our village with some coffee, and she makes candles out of them.  We also turn all of our coffee waste into briquettes and currently i have a coffee soap at home to wash with!!  Obsessed with coffee??  I guess we (I) are (am)
  5. Why do you think that Rounton coffee fits so well with Weetons?
    • Its all about quality and service, we genuinely want to offer a fantastic product with unparalleled service and the same is true of Weetons
  6. Who would you most like to have coffee with and why?
    • Edward Snowden... because I really want to know about what is going on!!
  7. What is your favourite part of Yorkshire?
    • I really love the Yorkshire Coast.. Staithes, Robin Hoods Bay are quite simply breathtaking

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